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This basin, surrounded by the wreath of the Carpathian Mountains (which is at the same time the center of our continent) draws the most permanent boundary of Europe (900 years old). Since this territory is surrounded by natural borders, it was not accidental that here took shape an organic economic, geographic and cultural unity defended by the Holy Crown too, and this whole unit means the Hungarians' living-space. It have been our task to fill it with people, to operate, to boom and defend it so far, and we cannot do anything else until Hungarians live in this region.
After so long glorious centuries that brought prestige for us, it seems that the national feeling of the Hungarians is asleep in its Sleeping Beauty's dream, but we believe that it is a transitional condition without doubt.
The painful decades, meanwhile our territories have been detached from Hungary, 98 years ago, mean only minutes historically - as for example, the Turks usurped the greater parts of our country (for 150 years), but today their country extends only as far as the border of Europe... But this transitional status may be perceived in the attitude of the fences, since the invaders handle our lured territories as they know that they will have to give back those soon, as it happens for example in Transylvania. Therefore, they do not develop the said territories as they do with their own, but continue ruthless exploitation on them as if they were colonies. This is why we cannot allow decreasing of the Hungarian living-space, Hungarians of the remnant Hungary should do everything in order to help their compatriots outside the present border, and to wake up the feeling of union and patriotism in our nation, that these feelings would precede every external interest and globalization.
One patriotic society is not founded against something, but for something. We keep the name of the organization also very important; its name should reflect its aims, expressing the meaning of the joint action.
Observed all of these, we established the Hungarian Living-space Foundation, whose primary aim is to protect our living-space in the Carpathian Basin, to help our own blood, that they can preserve their national identity and become stronger economically. Moreover, we would like to assist the union those who indeed want to do for this, to create a unity above/without the parties for all of us, who want to live as Hungarians.

Budapest, May 15, 2001.

Board of Trustees of the Foundation

Hungarian Living-space Foundation, June 15, 2018